Cooking for an audience

Newbie wife. Daughter of the world’s best home chef. Fashion victim. Dreamer. Wanderluster. That pretty much summed up who I am.
Food photography

As a girl who grew up watching sex and the city ( who wants to be Carrie but is a Charlotte at heart btw) and breakfast at tiffany’s, I always thought my kitchen would be used for shoe storage…

It all changed because of a built-in oven…
My husband took a lot of effort in fitting a professional oven into our teeny-tiny kitchen during our home renovation. I felt really indebted to him and from that point forward I cook a lot. Locking myself up in the kitchen doing all sorts of cooking experiments.

Women of the older generation always say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

I’d say I love cooking for an audience.
Somehow everything tastes better with your favorite dining companion. And you know he will eat whatever you have prepared even your cooking experiments go awry.


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